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Let’s Work Together….Canada’s annual rate of inflation highest since 1991

Whether you’re interested in investing in a newer home or a century home, removing a wall, or painting trim, there are so many benefits of working with a realtor with building experience!

A Realtor with Building Experience

Over 20 twenty years ago I flipped my first home. It was such an awarding experience that this one transaction became the starting point for many other flip projects. News travels fast and it wasn’t long after that I was contracting for private clients looking to create their own luxury homes or investment properties.

Now, as a Realtor, here are some advantages to why my clients have benefited from having a realtor with building experience.

1. I am able to go into a property and identify any concerns in a home,

2. I can help you visualize the realistic potential of the space.

3. I can provide insight on the approximate time and cost required to renovate/modify a space to suit your needs

4. Access the true value of the home taking into consideration the materials and features currently used in the space.

5. A strong network of support and advice from all trades required for renovations or product

6. A history of happy clients

In today’s market it is important to go into any new home purchase with a strong understanding of the true value of your potential new investment. A real estate expert with extensive building knowledge and experience can help you navigate through options, help manage realistic expectations and make solid investment decisions. Whether the purchase is to become your private residence or investment purchase, a builder’s perspective can be a great advantage to you.

My clients have greatly appreciated having an agent who understands what improvements need to be made and what can/can’t be done when purchasing a property.

I welcome you to connect with me if you are looking to enter the marketplace as a seller and/or buyer.If you have any questions or would like to view a property, please feel free to contact me!

Thanks for reading!

The Benefits of a Realtor with Custom Build Experience