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The Benefits of a Realtor with Construction Experience

Whether it’s a newer home or a century home, removing a wall or painting trim, homebuyers or home sellers; there are so many benefits of working with a realtor with construction experience!

When purchasing a newer home or a century home, there can be a lot of work that is required. I have told many clients over the years that you can do almost anything to a house as long as you have 2 things: time and money.

A lot of people do not have the experience and/or knowledge to know what can be done and what is involved, especially with items that seem simple to do.

A client in the homebuying process views the perfect home for their family, but they want to remove a wall to create an open concept feel. There are dozens of items that can be affected by doing this renovation. Many people do not consider these items simply because they don’t view the home from a construction-background perspective.

Also, a lot of people do not know how much work is actually involved. Typically, they’re not prepared for the time or costs involved to do the job properly.

By selecting a real estate agent with construction experience you will be in a position to better understand the potential issues with your home.

I believe you would be hard-pressed to find another realtor with my extensive construction knowledge in our marketplace. My clients have greatly appreciated having an agent who understands what improvements need to be made and what can/can’t be done when purchasing a property.

I have a wide network of professionals that I have worked with for years and I can proudly endorse. If you need any contracting, trades or services recommendations, I’m Here to Help!